Show the Vendors


Motion Design

Video Editing

I worked with Manifesto Market to design their digital screen video for their new branch in Berlin to promote their vendors at the site and upcoming events.

This project consists of 3 parts - intro, content & outro.

In the intro part, I animated Manifesto's circular shape that resembles Pacman and who's collecting "points", like in the legendary video game, but this time in the form of food.

For the content slides, I used various photos from all the vendors you can find at the site and put in some motion for their titles, descriptions and tags to make the screen more alive and "pop".

The outro is similar to the intro, but with Manifesto's shapes & added QR codes. This time I needed to also change the color of the background, so I used the center, where the codes are placed, to imitate picking up the berry, which let you eat the ghosts in the game, to change the color and the whole screen, like some sort of a power-up.

The biggest challenge was to choose the right motion animations for the content slides, so it makes the screen more alive and catches attention of people, who come to Manifesto.

sample video